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Twitter limits

One of the most desirable reasons to use Twitter unfollowers, to get rid of certain followers, is because of the limits of the number of people you can follow. For some people, if you are only following a couple hundred people, it is not as big of a problem. But, if you are a business owner, that is close to the 2000 limit, or if you have several friends from various places and are nearing the 2000 limit, unfollowing certain accounts, will free up some space for followers you want to interact with, and the new followers out there that have just opened an account. If you are near the 2000 limit, unfollowing people who detract from your Twitter stream, or simply send out spam, is an easy way to make room for new followers on your account.

Why unfollow these people?

For starters, you are limited to following 2000 people; if you are a larger business, with several clients, and many business partners, you are likely close, or have reached this limit. Twitter unfollow will spot these fake accounts, inactive users, and spammers, to remove them for you. This will free up space so you can follow new accounts, and people who will add some value to your stream. Another reason, possibly the main reason, is that it looks bad on you as a business owner. If your tweet stream is full of spam, gossip, and other negative remarks, it directly reflects on you, and your business. This is not only going to cause people to unfollow you, but will also cause you to lose customers, to your competitors.